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Super Mario

Playing Retro Bowl is relatively straightforward, but there are some key aspects to understand. Here's a basic overview of how to play the game:

Super Mario is a popular video game franchise created by Nintendo. The first game, Super Mario Bros., was released in 1985 and it quickly became a classic. The games typically follow the adventures of Mario, a plumber who must rescue Princess Peach from the evil Bowser. 

Mario must navigate through various levels filled with obstacles and enemies, collecting coins and power-ups along the way to help him in his quest. The games are known for their colorful graphics, catchy music, and fun gameplay mechanics. The franchise has expanded to include numerous spin-off games, merchandise, and even a feature film. Super Mario remains a beloved and iconic character in the world of video games.

How Do You play Super Mario

Basic Controls:

1. Movement: You typically control Mario using the directional pad or analog stick on your controller:

   - Move left or right to walk.

   - Press down to crouch or enter pipes.

   - Press up or jump to leap into the air.

2. Jumping: Jumping is a fundamental action in Super Mario games:

   - Tap the jump button lightly for a small jump, or hold it longer for a higher jump.

   - Some games may include advanced techniques like wall jumps or ground pounds.

3. Running: Hold down a run button (often the same button used for jumping) to make Mario run faster. Running can help him jump longer distances.

4. Attacking: Mario can typically defeat enemies by jumping on them or by using power-ups. Here's how:

   - Jump on an enemy to squash it. Some enemies may require multiple jumps.

   - Collect power-ups like Super Mushrooms, Fire Flowers, or Super Stars to gain additional abilities. For example, a Fire Flower allows Mario to shoot fireballs.

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