What country invented Royal Match ? Here's the answer

 Dream Games, an Istanbul-based startup founded by former employees of Peak Games, is making headlines in the mobile gaming industry with the launch of its first title, Royal Match, and a massive $50 million in funding. This Series A round represents the largest ever raised by a startup in Turkey.

Dream Games aims to become an entertainment company, drawing inspiration from Pixar's approach to quality and innovation in animated movies. While their initial focus is on casual puzzle games, the company plans to explore other genres as well.

The founding team at Dream Games brings extensive experience from Peak Games, known for its popular titles Toy Blast and Toon Blast. The team left Peak Games to establish Dream Games in 2019, prior to Zynga's full acquisition of Peak Games.

During a limited test run in the UK and Canada, Royal Match garnered one million downloads and had 200,000 daily average users, showcasing promising early metrics. The company emphasizes a holistic approach that combines technology, art, data science, user acquisition, and marketing to create iconic games.

Index Ventures is leading the Series A funding round, and their portfolio includes successful gaming startups like Discord, King, Roblox, and Supercell. Index Ventures partner Stephane Kurgan emphasized the importance of the Dream Games team's blend of craft, science, and execution in building successful titles.

While Dream Games envisions a future of diverse interactive experiences, they acknowledge the enduring popularity of casual games, especially puzzles. Puzzle games have demonstrated longevity in the mobile gaming market, attracting a growing user base year after year.

The success of Peak Games and the emergence of startups like Dream Games have put Turkey on the map as a hub for mobile gaming innovation. The combination of a talented developer pool and a focus on casual gaming has created a unique opportunity for Turkish gaming startups to make a global impact.

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