How to play 8 ball pool online - Master the game now!

8 ball pool is a popular cue sport and online multiplayer game that is played on a rectangular table covered with cloth, with six pockets along the rails. The objective of the game is to pot all of your designated balls (either solids or stripes) and then pot the 8-ball to win.

How to start playing

1. Create an Account:

   - Most online pool games require you to create an account. This typically involves providing a username, password, and sometimes an email address. Follow the registration process for your chosen platform.

2. Log In:

   - Once you've created your account, log in using your credentials.

3. Select a Game Mode:

   - Many online pool games offer various game modes. Common options include 1-vs-1 matches, tournaments, and practice games. Choose the game mode you want to play.

4. Find an Opponent:

   - If you're playing a 1-vs-1 match, you'll need to find an opponent. This can be a friend if the platform allows for friend invites or a random player matched by the system.

5. Set Up the Game:

   - Configure the game settings, such as the table you want to play on, the bet amount (if applicable), and the rules (e.g., standard 8-ball rules). Make sure you understand the rules for the game mode you're playing.

6. Play the Game:

   - Use your mouse, touchscreen, or keyboard (depending on your device) to control the cue stick. Aim your shots, adjust the power of your shot, and take your shots carefully to pot your balls and the 8-ball while following the rules of the game.

7. Win the Game:

   - The objective in 8-ball pool is to pocket all your balls (stripes or solids) and then pot the 8-ball to win. Be cautious not to pot the 8-ball before you've potted all your assigned balls, as this will result in a loss.

8. Practice and Improve:

   - If you're new to the game, practice is essential. Most platforms offer practice modes where you can refine your skills without the pressure of a real match.

9. Earn Rewards and Progress:

    - Depending on the platform, you may earn virtual currency, experience points, or other rewards for winning games. These can be used to unlock new cues, tables, or customize your avatar.

10. Social Features:

    - Many online pool games have social features like chat, emojis, and the ability to add friends. Use these features to connect with other players and enhance your gaming experience.

11. Respect the Rules and Fair Play:

    - Always play fair and respect your opponents. Cheating or using exploits is usually against the terms of service and can result in account suspension.

8 ball pool Game rules

The rules for playing 8-ball pool can vary slightly depending on where and with whom you're playing, but here are the standard rules for the game:


The primary objective of 8-ball pool is to legally pot all of your designated balls (either solids or stripes) and then pot the 8-ball to win the game. The player or team that accomplishes this wins the game.
1. A standard 8-ball pool game is played with 16 balls: 7 solid balls (often referred to as "solids" or "low balls"), 7 striped balls (often referred to as "stripes" or "high balls"), one black 8-ball, and one white cue ball.
2. The balls are racked in a triangle at the beginning of the game, with the 8-ball in the center. The front ball in the triangle should be a solid (usually the 1-ball) and the two back corner balls should be the 8-ball and a striped ball (usually the 8-ball and 9-ball).

Breaking the Rack:

1. The game typically starts with a "break shot." The player who wins the lag (a method of determining who breaks first) or is assigned the first shot in some other way takes the break.
2. The player must strike the cue ball from behind the headstring (the imaginary line across the table) and hit the racked balls. The break shot aims to spread the balls around the table.


1. After the break, the player who potted a ball during the break (solids or stripes) gets to choose whether they want to be solids or stripes for the rest of the game. If no balls are potted, the opponent gets the choice.
2. Players take turns shooting the cue ball and attempt to pot balls of their designated group (solids or stripes). The player continues to shoot as long as they legally pot a ball during their turn.
3. When a player pots the last ball of their designated group, they must then pot the 8-ball to win the game.
4. Players can legally pot the 8-ball at any time during their turn, but they must clearly call their shot by specifying which pocket the 8-ball will go into.


Common fouls in 8-ball pool include:
- Potting the cue ball (a scratch).
- Not hitting one of your designated balls first during your turn.
- Not potting any balls on a shot.
- Potting the 8-ball prematurely or potting it in an incorrect pocket.
- Push shots (where the cue ball barely moves or "pushes" the object ball).
When a foul occurs, the opposing player gets a ball in hand, meaning they can place the cue ball anywhere on the table.

Winning the Game:
The game is won by a player or team who legally pots all of their designated balls (solids or stripes) and then legally pots the 8-ball in the designated pocket.

Common Variations:

Different regions and informal games may have house rules or variations, such as "call shot" (where you must specify which ball you intend to pot and in which pocket) or "bar rules" (common rules used in pub or recreational play). Be sure to clarify the rules before starting a game.

These are the standard rules for 8-ball pool, but it's essential to communicate with your opponents to ensure you're all on the same page regarding rules and any house variations that may apply.

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