Best app watch anime for android and iphone

app watch anime for android and iphone

Most people are watching anime series and movies, but the majority cannot follow their favorite series to watch all the episodes. Today in the apk anwar blog, we will discuss the best applications for watching Anime, applications for watching the latest Anime, and the best applications for watching Anime on Android and iPhone.

Anime is one of the types of animation that appeared in Japan and has now become famous in Europe, America, and the Arab world. Anime’s audience is from all age groups, not just children. Watch and download anime applications. There are many subtitled and free applications on iPhone, iOS and Android.

Best app watch anime 2023 - 2024

anime slayer app

Slayer Anime is among the most powerful and famous applications for watching the latest manga on Android and iPhone. It has all the anime, regardless of their type. You also have the ability to watch them online, meaning you can watch any anime you want. Slayer Anime is one of the best applications for watching manga episodes completely free. It is also small in size and has several qualities, choose what suits you. It is a huge library of anime films and series, with fast viewing and downloading, and what distinguishes it most is that without a subscription, Anime Slayer has wonderful servers that enable you to watch with Arabic subtitles, in addition to dubbing in some films and series.

Download Anime slayer her for android

Download Anime slayer her for ios

Slayer Manga app to watch anime

It is the best application for watching the latest anime, and it is a distinguished program with a high reputation. Its design is very elaborate, enabling you to watch and download, and its size is also very small, not exceeding a few megabytes.

Download  for Android from here
For iPhone, download here

Funimation app to watch anime

This application contains a lot of movies and series for watching anime that have subtitles. It is characterized by speed and has another advantage, which is the simultaneous broadcast of movies and anime series with Japan in a direct way. It is very free applications, and the Funimation applications have won the admiration of many of its users. . Download Funimation for Android from here.

Download for Android her

Best app watch anime Hidive

The Hidive application is the application that provides you with more than hundreds of thousands of anime episodes, as well as films and television programs that show and releases of new and exclusive series, and it is absolutely free. It is also available on the latest and best foreign films only through the search box located in the top bar. inside the app.

Download for Android her

Animeify to watch anime

The Animeify application is also among the best free applications for watching anime, as it is distinguished by providing a short definition about the story of the anime and some information about this anime, such as (the year of production, the duration of the episode, past events, and the rating that the anime received...) and also It has the advantage of downloading if you want to watch the anime later. It is intended only for Android users. It is also distinguished by the fact that it provides a brief advance idea of ​​the events and stages of the anime, in addition to that, the user rating, which gives you a look at the movie or series. Download the Animeify application for Android from here.

Download to Android her

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