top 5 action games for android offline

Due to their engaging gameplay and high-quality graphics, Android games are gaining popularity by the day. However, some of us lack a consistent internet connection, hindering the gaming experience, particularly for action games. To cater to users with limited data access, developers are introducing new features and capabilities, enabling players to enjoy their favorite games offline. In this post, we've carefully selected the top 5 offline action games for Android users.

top 5 action game for android offline


"Unkilled" was released by Madfinger Games and is the first game on our list of the best offline action games for Android. It's considered a successor to Madfinger's Dead Trigger 2, a highly popular post-apocalyptic zombie survival game that gained immense popularity, reaching three million downloads within ten days of its release in 2015.

The game's story follows the character Joe, a member of a special military organization known as WOLFPACK, tasked with containing the zombie catastrophe before it becomes a global phenomenon, leading to billions of deaths. The events of the game unfold in New York City, where Joe must fight against zombies, utilizing his skills and any available weapons to save the city.

The reason it's considered a successor to the Dead Trigger series is that it plays in a similar manner. You still need to kill waves of zombies. Unkilled makes you move and kill hordes of the undead until your mission is completed. However, Unkilled differs from the Dead Trigger series in some crucial ways.

The first and most significant is the game's story mode. While Dead Trigger 2 had over 16 missions to complete, Unkilled has over 100 missions, meaning there's a lot more content and gameplay to keep you engaged.

Moreover, these missions aren't all similar to each other. One mission might involve killing all zombies in front of you, while the next might require you to rescue a stranded individual in New York or destroy an important target to prevent the end of the world by zombies.

The smooth control, along with the automatic trigger, means you don't need to aim and shoot; you simply need to point your gun at a horde of zombies, and your character will shoot automatically.


2.Into The Dead

"Into The Dead 2" is an action game created and released by PikPok Games in 2017. The gameplay is very simple. The player has no choice but to move forward with their weapon, avoiding zombies on the way, moving left and right, and using the weapon to kill them.

The game presents players with a story of a man who must fight against zombies to protect his family and ensure their survival.

As it is a survival-based game, in Into The Dead 2, you must conserve your ammunition and try to be as accurate as possible in shooting the zombies, as hordes of zombies will quickly pursue you.

The game also allows you to unlock animal companions that aid you in your mission against the undead, helping you stay alive. There is a variety of weapons to choose from, with the option to upgrade their capabilities as you progress through the game.



"Morphite" was created by Crescent Moon Games, an action-adventure space game released in 2017. The story revolves around Morphite, one of the most sought-after substances in the universe. Set in the distant future, humanity has colonized a significant part of the galaxy, and space travel has become widespread.

The game follows Myrah Kale, a space explorer working in a space station, who discovers her mysterious past and its connection to the rare substance. Myrah travels to different planets in an attempt to understand the true meaning of the material, the reason for its scarcity, and the powers it possesses.

On the other hand, "Morphite" brought several comparisons to "No Man’s Sky." However, for a valid reason, both games differ significantly in crucial aspects. "No Man’s Sky" is beautifully crafted and exhibits stunning procedural sensibilities, but it lacks content, leaving players with not much to do and can easily lead to a sense of boredom.

Meanwhile, "Morphite" allows users to venture on their own path and explore their surroundings. However, the game rewards you for staying on course, doing an excellent job in making both basic elements like scanning your environment and more complex tasks like battling different enemies feel new and interesting.



The game "Grimvalor" falls under the traditional hack-and-slash genre but executes it exceptionally well. The character in Grimvalor is placed in the kingdom of Vallaris, where he must evolve his skills as a young warrior in the kingdom while trying to thwart any evil present. The game is superbly designed in terms of graphics, filled with mysterious castles, dark chambers, and all sorts of bizarre creatures lurking in the corners to try to kill you.

The controls are nice and smooth, making the gameplay experience better. The various buttons are positioned in corners to avoid accidentally tapping the wrong button, and they all respond well to commands, with immediate action and no delay. One aspect emphasized in the game is learning new moves and upgrading your weapons, which only happens as you progress through the game.

You can also find and upgrade new weapons to use, and you can use the ornaments found along your way to enhance your weapons in different ways, along with the health bar.

Grimvalor also features a Soul Bar that you should be aware of, as this bar is used for all the powerful moves your character makes. These moves are highly intricate, much like combat in Grimvalor overall.

Both defense and offense are equally important in Grimvalor because allowing bigger foes and bosses to strike you will lead to your swift demise. Once you discover your opponent's movement patterns, it becomes easy to capitalize on them and inflict substantial damage. With impressive combat and stunning graphics, Grimvalor is an excellent game to play in offline mode, for long or short gaming sessions.


5.Noblemen: 1896

"Noblemen: 1896" falls into the mixed action game category, offering a blend of strategy and third-person shooter elements. The game was released in 2017 and is set in the past, after a plague wiped out over three-quarters of the world's population, leading governments to declare a state of emergency.

In this scenario, a group of power-hungry men attempts to seize control of the world, seeking to take advantage of the situation caused by the plague and its aftermath. The player assumes the role of a nobleman, tasked with thwarting the attempts of these fanatic fascists and restoring peace and stability to the world.

Game instructions are provided through scattered bits of text throughout the game. Players learn more about the noblemen, the plague, and the people trying to exploit the state of instability while progressing and battling their enemies.

As mentioned, the game contains several strategic elements, including locating enemy bases, planning attacks, and restocking your forces, attacking enemy positions using mortar shells and cannons.

Players can engage in third-person combat in this game quite effectively. There's a vast arsenal of weapons available, alongside hand-to-hand combat, providing a solid combat experience for the user. Maps might seem a bit small for tactical and strategic fighting.

Additionally, there's more than enough space for engaging in battles, utilizing rifles and weapons when fighting enemy forces.


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