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Toy Ride

Car racing games are considered some of the most exciting and exciting games in the world of video games. It embodies speed and competition, giving the player experience incomparable excitement. In this exciting world, the racing game stands out as one of the most popular titles.

Embark on a unique mobile racing adventure with Toy Rider, where speed, strategy, and power-ups redefine the genre. Drawing inspiration from Table Top Racing and Micromachines, this game offers a distinctive twist.


Game Features

- Miniature Environments: Enjoy graphics that bring miniature home settings to life.

- Diverse Cars: Unlock 100+ unique cars, ranging from sports cars to monster trucks.

- Power-Up Madness: Experience the thrill of 10 crazy power-ups to outsmart your opponents.

- Varied Race Tracks: Conquer 24+ tracks, including challenging off-road terrain.

- Offline Play: No need for wifi – enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

- Customization: Personalize and upgrade your cars for optimal performance.

- Vehicle Variety: Choose from sports cars, F1 racers, monster trucks, planes, and more.

- Unconventional Racing: Take to the skies with planes and helicopters, or stick to the ground with karts and buggies.

- Unlockable Cars: Collect a plethora of cars as you progress through the game.

- Action-Packed: Experience fast car game action with crashes and furious moments.

- Realistic Driving: Enjoy a genuine car driving experience.

- Themes: Race through various settings like the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and beach tracks.


- Fireball Attack: Heat up your opponent's wheels.

- Freeze Ball Attack: Freeze your opponent's car in its tracks.

- Nitro Boost: Get a speed boost with nitro.

- Slow Down: Slow your opponents down strategically

- Summon Bull, Horse, Tank: Transform your car into powerful entities.

- Call the Police: Enlist the police to catch other racers.

- Call the Kid: Irritate your opponents with a mischievous kid.

- Call John Wick: Ensure victory with the legendary John Wick.

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