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Huntercraft is a free 3D cubic-style survival shooter game. The storyline of the game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic setting where civilization is on the brink of extinction after a catastrophe. The majority of the world's population has turned into zombies, and the remaining survivors are fighting to stay alive. You are one of them, tasked with clearing the world of the undead and walking skeletons. Remember to monitor your health, hunger, and thirst. During winter, stay warm by fires to survive.

The arsenal includes a variety of weapons for warfare.



Active and dynamic action with destructible physics for characters.

Creative Mode:

Create your own cubic maps in your unique block style. Share them on our Discord and Instagram chats. We'd be delighted to showcase your map designs on our social networks. We always enjoy communicating with our players and answering their questions.

Features of the game:

- Modern console-level graphics

- A wide variety of shaders

- Ability to play in both first and third person perspectives

- Atmospheric interiors and interactive furniture

- Convenient and intuitive controls

- Optimization for weaker devices (from 1.5 GB of RAM)

- Changing weather and time of day

- Real-time shadows

- Beautiful character animations

- Customization of gameplay to suit your preferences

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